Learning2Change Our World

L2C Workshop Mailer



Motivate your students to get excited about global issues, assume leadership and take action in their school.


All our workshops are FREE, educational, lively and participatory and include:

- 20 fun and engaging in-school workshops on sustainable development (Choose from an array of highly relevant topics)

- 8 student council training sessions - focusing on peer education, sustainable schools and how to put together an action Project - receive FREE resources

- 1 x 6 session transition year programme – ‘Youth for Sustainable Development’: An

in-depth, active module on sustainable development, peer education and taking action. 


All participants are strongly encouraged to engage in an action project following our workshops. These can be entered into our Young Environmentalist Awards to win national recognition!


Workshops in detail:


In-school student/teacher workshops using active learning methodologies

A suite of 4 workshops based around the SDGs,  Sustainable Development and Taking Action. (Examples include: SDGs and the Sustainable Development, Fast Fashion, Food Waste,  Climate Action. Putting Together an Action Project.) Schools can choose the workshops that most meet their needs. Each workshop will have an action element to it but schools will be strongly encouraged to engage in the 'Putting Together an Action Project' workshop as well and students encouraged to take on an Action Project following the workshops. 


Student Council Training
Leadership, peer education, taking action in the school. Linking to a whole school approach.


TY School Module
 6 session in-depth module on Sustainable Development, peer education and taking action.

Want to get involved or need more information?

If you would like more information or have any questions on ECO-UNESCO’s Learning2Change Our World Programme please contact us!


Phone: 01 662 5491


This programme is funded by Irish Aid's WorldWise Global Schools Programme