ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards 2019 Terms & Conditions


All groups wishing to participate in the Young Environmentalist Awards 2019 must register by 5pm on the date advertised on ECO-UNESCO’s website. Entry deadlines may be extended at the sole discretion of ECO-UNESCO.


The project mentor on the registration form will be the point of contact with ECO-UNESCO throughout the awards process.


Several groups may enter from the same school/organisation with one project per group.


Projects must be youth-led, environmentally-focused and action-based.


ECO-UNESCO reserves the right to reassign a group into a category deemed more suitable by the organisers. ECO-UNESCO reserve the right not to award a category at their own discretion and without recourse to the entrants of said category.


If groups are entering their project into other award schemes/competitions, this must be highlighted on the registration form.


ECO-UNESCO must be contacted if any of the registration details change.


Submission and Project Materials

Submission forms for the Young Environmentalist Awards must be fully completed and posted, emailed or delivered in person, reaching ECO-UNESCO offices by 5PM, on the submission deadline date advertised on the website. Your registration number should be written clearly on every submission material. Submission deadlines may be extended at the sole discretion of ECO-UNESCO. ECO-UNESCO cannot accept responsibility for projects lost, damaged or delayed by the postal system. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt.


Any 3D pieces, large posters, art/fashion pieces should be photographed, and the photograph submitted with your project (your registration number should be written clearly on the back of all photographs). Groups should consider showing scale to give a true representation of their project.


Once submitted, projects cannot be returned to entrants, but will be available upon request, on the day, for presentation at ECO-Dens and on the morning of the Showcase and Awards Ceremony. Groups are advised to keep copies of all project materials for their presentation at the ECO-Dens and the Showcase and Awards ceremony.  All requests for project materials must be made at least two weeks prior to the event.


Submission of a project will not guarantee an invitation to a regional ECO-Den.



Groups agree that the organisers of the Young Environmentalist Awards are entitled to judge all entries and select those they consider to be the winner in a given category. Entries will be judged internally, then by a panel of judges at the regional ECO-Dens and again by an external examiner. The Young Environmentalist Awards reserves the right to withdraw an entry from the judging process at any time if the entry is deemed inappropriate for any reason. The decision of the Young Environmentalist Awards organisers is final and no correspondence will be entered into.


Groups who wish to proceed to the Showcase and Awards Ceremony, must be available to present to a panel of judges at your regional ECO-Dens. ECO-UNESCO will endeavour to accommodate groups who cannot attend their local ECO-Den, and offer an alternative ECO-Den. All groups must attend an ECO-Den and be subject to the same judging process. If your group is not available to attend an ECO-Den, the group will receive a certificate of participation, but will not be eligible to continue in the competition.

Additional materials, including props, presentations, 3D pieces etc. may be brought to the regional ECO-Dens. Groups are responsible for all additional pieces. In particular, groups must leave their project report and any relative pieces following the ECO-Dens as these will be judged by an external examiner.


There is a maximum of 6 young people invited to present at a regional ECO-Den. Teachers or youth leaders will not be present in the judging room when groups are presenting. Where a project element demands a larger group presentation e.g. a group song, it is at the discretion of ECO-UNESCO to facilitate a larger group presentation. However, groups must inform ECO-UNESCO if your group presentation is larger than 6 young people before the ECO-Den and receive confirmation if the larger group can be accommodated before travelling.

Please note not all groups proceed to the Showcase and Awards Ceremony.





Showcase and Award Ceremony

Each group must provide a representative to attend the Showcase and present your project. Please contact the YEA Coordinator at least 2 full weeks before the Showcase and Awards Ceremony if any problems arise.

Groups must be available for the full day of the Showcase and Awards Ceremony, beginning with set-up and remain until after the Awards Ceremony is over. It is at the discretion of ECO-UNESCO to allow groups a later arrival time, but you must inform ECO-UNESCO at least 2 full weeks in advance.


Shortlisted groups will be advised of full requirements prior to the Showcase and Awards Ceremony including a code of conduct and any venue specific rules. Shortlisted entrants may be required to provide additional information upon request from the Young Environmentalist Awards. Groups will also be supplied with dimensions for their display board and a small display table for other materials. Groups must inform ECO-UNESCO of any additional requirements for the project at least 2 full weeks in advance of Showcase e.g. electrical sockets etc.


Groups are responsible to transport their project and any items related to their project to the Showcase and Awards Ceremony. Groups must supply any items needed to mount and display their project and do so within the time frame given. Displays must not pose any safety risks or impose on other groups projects. If your display imposes on another group, you may be asked to remove it from the mounting board and re-size it.

Some refreshments may be supplied to groups, but each group is responsible to provide refreshments, including lunch for their group on the day.


ECO-UNESCO reserves the right to eliminate and/or combine categories where there are a low number of entries or where entries are deemed not to have reached the required standard. In this situation there may not be an award presented in each category.


Any awards, prizes or rewards given cannot be changed and are non-transferable, non-negotiable and there is no cash alternative.


The winners of awards may state in advertising, promotional material and on their stationery that they are a winner, but they must make reference to the ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards, which category they won and the year in which they entered (The year the Awards Ceremony takes place).


All projects must be left at the Awards Ceremony site as ECO-UNESCO will host an exhibition of finalists in June and September.


Teachers, Leaders and Young people

ECO-UNESCO's Young Environmentalist Awards programme is open to any group of young people in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland age 10-18 (September of school year), with the exception of a standalone international category open to schools and youth groups residing outside of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. It is at the discretion of ECO-UNESCO to consider younger or older members. Age group guidelines are set out in the manual and online. Where the age varies within a group, the group needs to contact the YEA coordinator to ascertain the best age category to enter their project.


Each team will comprise a minimum of two young people and a maximum of twenty-five and have an adult as their leader. It is at the discretion of the organisers to allow larger groups. If your group is larger than 25, you must inform ECO-UNESCO. Due to seating capacity, there will be a limited number of young people from each group invited to present at the ECO-Dens (up to 6) and the Showcase and Awards Ceremony (will be confirmed by email).

It is the responsibility of all participating schools, groups and organisations to get parental/guardian permission for students to participate in the programme and oversee their participation therein. By entering a group into the Young Environmentalist Awards 2019, the teacher/principal/leader is declaring they have secured said parental/guardian permission and grant ECO-UNESCO permission to use any photographs, video, sound, written or other material as it sees fit and without restriction. The teacher/principal/leader will be responsible for the students throughout the Young Environmentalist Awards, including any journeys related to the Young Environmentalists Awards. ECO-UNESCO is not liable in any way for costs, expenses, damages, liability or injury arising out of or in any way connected with the Awards programme.


All entrants agree to be bound by the rules of the competition; failure on the part of any entrant to adhere to any or all of these rules will render the entry in question invalid. The decision of ECO-UNESCO will be final.

Material submitted to the Young Environmentalist Awards is warranted by the group to be their own. The teacher/leader/principal also accepts that ECO-UNESCO, its stakeholders and affiliates shall not be liable in the event of any material in the project being plagiarised. ECO-UNESCO may publish some elements of projects to raise awareness in the local and national media. Groups may advertise their own project in press or on social media/website, but must make reference to the ECO-UNESCO Young Environmentalist Awards.

These terms and conditions will be subject to the laws of Republic of Ireland. ECO-UNESCO reserves the right to add to these terms and conditions. Additional alterations will be published on ECO-UNESCO’s website.

The Young Environmentalist Awards and all its Intellectual Property remains the sole copyright of ECO-UNESCO.

All material herein copyright © ECO-UNESCO 2018

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